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Discover the Power of
Color Analysis

transform your wardrobe

Color Analysis

Release your inner power and project polished professionalism with Color Analysis from Colorfully Confident. 

Are you ready to unlock a level of confidence that radiates from the inside out? At Colorfully Confident, we help people just like you discover the power of color analysis to elevate your professional presence and personal style.


walking into a gathering, meeting, social event, interview, or networking event feeling not just prepared, but powerful.
Your clothing complements your natural looks, highlighting your features and exuding an aura of confidence.
This isn’t wishful thinking; it’s the transformative power of

Color Analysis.

your path to confidence

What is Color Analysis?

Color analysis is a personalized system that helps you discover the ideal color palette for your unique coloring. It goes beyond hair color, eye color, and skin color to the undertone of your complexion.

By understanding your color harmony, you can learn to choose clothing, makeup, and accessories that flatter your natural beauty and enhance your overall appearance. Think of it as a roadmap to unlock a world of confidence and radiate professionalism from the inside out.

Who Can Benefit From Color Analysis?

Business Owners

You are the face of your business and brand. Color analysis helps you create a polished and trustworthy image that inspires confidence in your clients and partners. Let your clothing choices become an extension of your professionalism and leadership. 


Project crucial confidence as you climb the leadership ladder in your chosen career path. Color analysis gives you the knowledge and ability to choose clothing that makes a positive and lasting impression that stands out in interviews, performance reviews, and other business interactions.

Young People

You’re a young adult taking control of your life and ready to take the world by storm, but your closet doesn’t quite reflect your confidence. Enter color analysis! Forget endless shopping and purchases you’ll never wear. Once you know your unique season and flow you will unlock the secret to a simplified wardrobe that makes you look and feel amazing.

unlock your color story

Get Your Colors Done

Get your colors done with our personalized color analysis services, available both in-person and virtually. Our certified color analyst will guide you through the comprehensive process of unlocking your unique color story by taking the guesswork out of choosing clothes, makeup, and accessories. 

convenient service

Color Analysis Online

Our color analysis online allows you to experience the personalized touch of professional color analysis even when you’re too busy or far away to visit us in person. Find out more about our virtual appointments for color analysis. 

Professional Color Analysis

Professional Color Analysis is the secret boost that can help you stand out among your peers.
Color Analysis will help you:



When you know the colors that flatter you most, you’ll automatically feel more confident and empowered in any situation.



The right colors make a powerful impression, enhancing your credibility and authority in the workplace.

Simplify Your


Stop wasting time and money on clothes that don’t work for you. Learn to choose clothing that flatters your color with ease so you can love your wardrobe again.

Embrace Your


Color analysis is about more than just clothes. It’s about discovering the beauty you naturally possess and learning to highlight it with the right color choices.

your color consultant

About Lauryl

With a rich background in the creative arts, Lauryl brings a unique perspective to the world of personal color analysis. As a Worship Pastor, Lauryl fosters an environment of creative expression using music, lyrics, prayer, and meditation. She often incorporates different creative disciplines like dancing, flagging, and painting as part of the worship experience.

Lauryl’s artistic eye and passion for helping people shine led her to discover the transformative power of color analysis. She now combines her creative expertise with technical color theory to help clients discover their most flattering personal color palette.
As your personal color analyst, Lauryl will:

Identify your unique color harmony

Guide you in selecting clothing and makeup that enhance your natural beauty

Boost your confidence through a personalized color palette

Provide tools to use in the real world that ensure you only buy the right colors!

Lauryl’s approach is warm, fun, and an overall great time. She believes that when you wear your best colors, you radiate confidence and authenticity. Ready to unlock your personal color potential? Book a consultation with Lauryl today.

Our Clients, Before & After!

PXL_20240709_125042555.MP (1)PXL_20240709_125200350.MP (1)

Sterling is a Warm Spring, and looks his best in vibrant shades such as bright teal!

PXL_20240705_162203152.MP (1)PXL_20240705_162412508 (1)

Danielle radiates her natural beauty in her Spring colors, like this grass green!

look your best now

Personal Color Consultant

Contact us today to connect with your personal color consultant. Stop settling for clothes that make you feel less than your best. Color analysis is an investment in yourself, your confidence, and your professional success.

Invest in Yourself


Take the first step towards unlocking your color story and unleashing your inner confidence. Contact Colorfully Confident today to schedule your personalized color analysis consultation in person or virtually. 

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